Bodacious Bikini Babes

If you like cute bikini bootys then you’ve come to the right place. I thought I would treat the fellas to something especially nice this week. Here we have three beautiful babes so you know what time it is. It’s booty contest time. Here we go!!! Going from left to right.

#1 – Nice bouncy looking booty, no pimples

#2 – A little cellulite on the left cheek, slight but nonetheless, not a perfect booty

#3 – nice booty skin tone but that blemish on the right cheek takes off some points

So, the winner is……#1….Yes, her booty is the best. Can’t say the same for her face but that’s what they have paper bags for. Let’s give her the BOOTY BIKINI BABE AWARD of the week. Now let’s give them all a slap on their booties.

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