Bikini Pool Contest

Hanging around until it’s time to get on stage are some hot bikini pool contestants. You can each of their numbers on their bikini bottoms. I wonder who actually wins. So guess what…w’ere having our very own Killer Bikini Pool Contest right now!! Left to right, you know the drill.

#1: Black Bikini: She looks like she’s stoned or something with her eyes closed or maybe had too many cocktails before the show. Nice bikini bod although I can see her cellulite screaming to come those thighs.

#2: Black Bikini Top, Purple Bikini Bottom: Very nice smile although maybe her bikini top should get pulled up a little higher since it’s making her cleavage practically touch the ground.

#3: Blue Bikini Top, Black Bikini Bottom: Uhhhh…

#4: Colorful Bikini Top and Bottom: Cute smile, nice bikini body but would have liked for her to sit up straight so we could see more.

And the winner is….#2. Yeah cleavage girl.. Her smile is the prettiest and maybe when she stands up her cleavage looks normal.

So we’re giving her the BIKINI POOL CONTEST CLEAVAGE WINNER AWARD. She earned it.

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