Bikini Political Satire

I don’t know about you but this picture sure looks like a certain politician that’s in the news tweeting and transmitting pictures of his bold chest to his constituents. I’m just saying the resemblance is very canny. Hmmmmmm….lol. I don’t get into politics but with today’s social media channels and blogs and massive information vomiting pools, our words have become under more magnetic forces more than ever in history. It used to be so simple when you could write an email and not have it posted on the major network news channels by dinner time. That’s a sign of the times we’re in right now. I know of some individuals who can’t fathom not having “texting” or wondered how we communicated before Twitter and Facebook. Well we talked on the phone and visited each other’s homes. Everything has become so physically distant and textual. Ok, this is my one political rant….lol…..Back to hot babes in Killer Bikinis!!

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