Bikini Calender Girls

Oh wow I’m so excited! It’s time for another Killer Bikini Babes Online Bikini Contest right now! Here are some cute bikini calendar girls who are posing for a group shoot. These babes all look like bow bow dogs to me…but….their bikinis are…let the judging begin.

From left to right, as always!

#1: The shortest in the bunch. I’ll pass.

#2: Looks too cougarish

#3: Nice pink bikini. Not bad.

#4: Sweet and sexy. Nice figure.

#5: A fat girl in a skinny girl’s body. I see the truth!

#6: Hot bikini, love the colors. Cute face but is hiding behind sunglasses.

#7: Very cute and sexy bikini.

This is going to be hard. Although they’re basically all ugly, some are sort of cugly (cute+ugly).

Ok, the winner is #4. I like her shape. she looks sort of sassy. I honestly liked #7’s face better but we’ll give #4 the HOT BIKINI CALENDAR BABE AWARD. They are still ugly though.

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